About Us: Overview

Welcome to Serious Eats!

Serious Eats is a family of websites dedicated to the celebration of food—of all kinds. From fast food to fine dining, from restaurant kitchens to yours, and from coast to coast (and around the world). On each of our sites and through our online community, we aim to be passionate, discerning, and inclusive in our appreciation of everything edible.

What Do You Mean, Serious?

"Serious" eats: does that mean we're only talking high-end restaurants and fancy technique? Nope, not at all. The name comes from our founder Ed Levine. Whenever Ed came across a truly memorable piece of pie, say, or a perfect cheeseburger, his verdict would always be the same: "That's some serious pie." By serious, we mean impressive, or well-made, or just seriously delicious.

At Serious Eats, we strive to appreciate food on its own level, whether that's a new product from Coca-Cola or our latest meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. We aim to write about the food people eat: which means sometimes recipes are time-consuming and sometimes they're simple; sometimes we review restaurants, sometimes we review sandwiches and hot dogs. Sometimes we write about French wine, sometimes we write about Bud Light.

Who Are The Serious Eaters?

The content you read on Serious Eats, upwards of twenty posts each day, comes through our team of nine staff editors and nearly 100 contributors around the country and around the globe. Our backgrounds are diverse, from restaurant kitchens to culinary school to other corners of food journalism. Learn more about us here »

Sounds Fun. Can I Participate?

The Serious Eats community is at the heart of everything we do. From commenting on the site's many posts to starting their own discussions in Talk to submitting beautiful food photos through Photograzing, it's the Serious Eats community members that make the site such a vibrant, welcoming place. Just sign up for an account to start chatting, entering contests, and much more.

What Are All These Different Sites?

On the main SeriousEats.com site, you'll find recipes, reviews, and food news from all over the country and all over the world. Do you live in New York or Chicago? Those two cities have their own dedicated sites (and there will be more on the way!). Fans of beer, wine, spirits, and coffee should check out Serious Eats: Drinks, and bakers and sugar-lovers, Sweets. And then there's A Hamburger Today, the country's oldest and biggest burger blog, and Slice, its pizza counterpart.

Where Do Your Recipes Come From?

All of the recipes on Serious Eats come from one of two sources. The recipes we develop in-house for our extensive (and ever-expanding) database are tested and tasted by our team of dedicated recipe columnists, most of whom are professional chefs or cookbook authors. We know the internet is full of unreliable or plain old un-delicious recipes, so we take pride in guaranteeing that our recipes will work for you, every time. The second source for our recipes is specifically for cookbook review columns such as Cook The Book or Bake The Book. In these cases, recipes are printed as-is, along with notes from our testers as to what worked, what didn't, and why.

And What About Your Product Recommendations?

On Serious Eats, you'll find reviews and tastings of products ranging from Japanese candy to canned chicken broth and everything in between. All of our recommendations from from blind tastings conducted in-house, so you can be sure that you're getting the real information you need to make better choices at the grocery store. Our equipment reviews are written by editors or contributors who've actually used and abused the equipment they're writing about.

Restaurants, Too

Any time we review a restaurant—and that ranges from a tasting menu to a single sandwich—we go in unannounced and pay our own way. We make every effort to be as anonymous as possible. We never accept free meals for the purposes of review.