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Family Coming to LA? Take Them to These Restaurants

"We're coming to visit you." It's those five short words that few 20- or 30-something-year-olds are dying to hear from their parents. And yet, the arrival of summer always seems to bring with it a wave of relatives to entertain. With everything from beaches and beautiful weather to movie stars and shopping, Los Angeles has something for every brand of tourist. But what about the food? Where can you take guests that will give them a taste of old Hollywood glamour (and prove to your mother that you have a handle on your life)? Forge onward for our top picks! More

Where to Buy Mexican Ingredients in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the highest population of Mexicans in the United States, with the eats to prove it. When you're done completely redefining your regional Mexican food palate by taco touring your way through this sprawling city, there may come a time when you will want to start experimenting with your very own carne asada and long-braised lamb barbacoas at home. When this time comes, you can rest assured that the hundreds of Mexican markets, corner stores, and even some major local supermarket chains will have your back. Here's where to go for the best tortillas, produce, meats, dairy, and more. More

Los Angeles Chefs Bring Their Top Game to The Taste's 'Flavors of LA'

Warm weather and fantastic food welcomed guests to Saturday evening's The Taste: Flavors of LA, theatrically staged in the magical Paramount Studios movie backlot. Organized by the Los Angeles Times, it was but one of The Taste's five food events held over the three-day weekend; it was also the first to sell out, to a hungry crowd of 2,000. See some of our favorite bites in the slideshow! More

6 Great Egg Dishes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles restaurants make it easy to breakfast like a champion, and the city plays host to a slew of phenomenal egg dishes. From breakfast pizza to a Cali-Mex burrito, these six dishes will have you counting down the clock until your next brunch. Resistance is futile. More

6 Refreshing Ceviches Around LA

Summer in Los Angeles: sure, you can dismiss it as a "dry heat," but it's still plenty hot. That's where the refreshing ceviches from the multitude of Latin American cultures who call this city home step in, offering relief in the form of raw fish tossed with an acidic marinade. Here are six ceviches around town that are all but guaranteed to keep you cool. ¡Provecho! More

Great Ethiopian Eats at Azla in South Los Angeles

An Ethiopian restaurant outside of Little Ethiopia's restaurant row in Los Angeles? Now, there's a thought! There aren't many of them in this town, but Azla, a new family-run operation in South LA's Mercado La Paloma food court, is making a name for itself with excellent homestyle Ethiopian eats. Full disclosure: this place is vegan. But hey, so is a lot of Ethiopian food by default, so don't trip out just yet. More

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