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Stove top stuffing - that isn't......

Bizarre question I know but here goes - up here in the Great White North (aka Canada) we have a restaurant chain called Swiss Chalet, famous for very family friendly rotisserie chicken. For six weeks of the year from mid-Nov to end of Dec, they have what they call their Festive Special - the same chicken dinner (meat, fries/baked/mashed, famous sauce, bun) with the addition of stuffing (seriously Stove Top) and cranberry sauce. I have gone out for this meal every year for 17 years in a row with a group of folks I used to work with. But, heavens to Murgatroid, we can't find a date to do it this month and by the time we can, the Festive Special will be gone! (sob) So I suggested we do it as a potluck, using rotisserie chicken from the store, and our own fixings. I've signed up for the stuffing - sooooo, here's my challenge - I want a homemade stuffing recipe that is as close a possible to the taste of traditional Stove Top. Oh I need to do this as dressing, as someone else is responsible for the birds.

Any takers on my challenge?

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