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Stupid is as stupid does, goes the adage. I was in New Hampshire for an extended period of time on business about 2 years ago. Not bad, if you're looking to get your fill of Maple products, not so good if you're looking for Serious BBQ.

I had gone to a so-called "Famous" BBQ joint that just didn't do it for me. I wanted MY BBQ, Mike-n-Ed's in Phenix City, AL. I called them to have some shipped up, but they said at the time they didn't have a source for dry ice. Undaunted, I told them to go ahead and ship it with regular ice in a styrofoam cooler. Yes, I did pay a king's ransom...(next day shipping was about $175 bucks the BBQ was about $40) But more importantly, I GOT MY QUE!

What crazy price did you pay? What firey hoop did you jump through to get your food fix? What was it?

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