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Am I being too sensitive or do women still get the crappy tables?

Here's the situation - two friends and I had lunch at a destination restaurant. We are all businesswomen and were well (read expensively) dressed. We arrived early, had a ridiculously pricy but delicious glass of wine at the bar and were generally prepared for a wonderful lunch.

When the host called us, he led us through a mostly empty restaurant to what could only be called the worst table in the house. I mean, literally, one foot away from the waitstation. It looked like one of those tables they cram in on a busy Friday night in an attempt to squeeze one more two top in. I respectfully asked him to move us to another table (there were plenty available) and his reluctance was obvious. Thankfully, I pointed out a table that was just fine and we were seated then had what was otherwise a simply spectacular meal.

My husband is a chef and I have heard time and again from restaurant people that women are terrible customers and lousy tippers. I also travel for work so therefore dine out a lot. My observation is that my female colleagues almost always tip way better than the men do but my experience at getting seated at a terrible table is the norm as opposed to a fluke.

I don't want to start a fight here but I'm really curious if others have had the same experience or can explain to me why this happens so frequently.

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