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Help Me Feed My Father-In-Law

Hello Everyone!

I need some help. My father-in-law has been unwell and is coming to live with us for a while. He's had some liver trouble and can't have anything too fatty, and his salt intake is limited. I like cooking, and I make most things from scratch (i.e. chicken stock) so I'm not too worried about too much salt, but I'd like some ideas about what to feed him.

He's normally a reasonably adventurous eater, but since he's been sick, he's just been wanting comfort food. Think canned creamed corn. Unfortunately, that's not always the best for him. Last time we ate, I made creamed corn, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and burgers (he ate his Salisbury Steak styles). He enjoyed it a lot, but said it gave him a stomach ache afterwards. I think it was too rich for him.

To complicate things, he's quit eating salad, although he will still eat fruit.

Any suggestions?

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