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Demystifying 00 Flour

One thing many home pizza makers struggle with is using 00 flour in a conventional home oven.

For those that have overcome this hurdle, how have you done it?

I have found 4 tricks that make it possible to use 00 and make very good pizza at home, even without a WFO. They are:
1. Use a little oil in the dough (1-2% or so). This helps keep it tender during longer bake times needed at lower temps.
2. Use a little honey or sugar to promote browning and spotting (around 1-2%).
3. Use the skillet-broiler method over a conventional bake unless you have stones above and under pizza and can preheat your oven for a long time.
4. Use as high a hydration dough as you are comfortable with (around 66%-70% or so).

Although it is admirable to use a pure Neapolitan style dough, it is not ideally suited for the home oven. With slight modification, 00 based doughs can work well at home. With a WFO, a leaner pure dough is fine, as the bake times are far faster and the temps higher. With home ovens, most failure amounts to trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

What are your tricks for 00? What has given you trouble? Let's help everyone conquer the infamous 00!


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