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How many do you have, and what spices can you not be without?

I confess, I have not been cooking for awhile. I went into the cupboards and see I am out of salt, pepper, old bay, Bouillon, rubs, bay leaf, (lets include herbs as well.). I see in the pantry every single ramon noodle package (20) has been stripped of its spice packet. I have 7 people I support and the other cooks in the house are Haitian.(who love spice). There is plenty of garlic and garlic powder but no onion powder. I have plenty of frozen habanero, but very little else. I have no soy sauce nor Worcestershire sauce. Ok, it is official I am lost. Oh do not get me wrong I can get as minimalist as they come, but certain things I just am not happy cooking without.

How about you? What are your must haves, and what do you currently have in stock?

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