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I brought this on myself...

Okay, so I did something stupid. I managed to buy a canister of those new Kraft mini marshmallows...the kind that are meant to mimic the ones that come in the hot cocoa mixes that I am sure that we are all familiar with. They taste good in hot chocolate, and i liked them and have opened the canister and used a few....

...That was before I stupidly decided to give up all sweets for Lent. So my question for you all is this: I cannot have them sitting in my pantry, staring at me, wanting me (no, daring me!) to eat them, so I want to use them in something that I can bake and then bring to work and leave in the office kitchen.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can make with them that would be a good use for them, make them taste good and rid me of their taunting?

Any ideas are much appreciated!

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