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Food/restaurant workers! What's your story?

Here on SE, I imagine a lot of you have formerly/currently worked in restaurants. I'm curious what some of your first restaurant job experiences were like -- were you a line cook, dishwasher, perhaps in the pastry kitchen?

As for myself, I've been in restaurants/bakeries for the past 5 years now. My first restaurant job was at a local Tucson, AZ sandwich restaurant. I was gunning for a position in their pastry department but had to work on the sandwich line for a month before anything opened up in pastry. It was a great learning experience, as I had only ever done pastry and baking in my own home up til then. I learned a lot there and though I left after 2 years, I'm grateful for the time I spent there and it really got my foot in the door to branch out with my skills.

What say y'all, SE?

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