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Recipe for garlic relish?

There was a place in Sayreville, NJ called Mr. Dee's. They served hot dogs among other things. I believe they had tax problems and closed. Not sure if the building sits abandoned or what.

They had a hot dog called called the "Special Dee". It was topped with a garlic relish. It seemed a little spicy from all the garlic, but it was incredible. I'd pack 5 or 6 down at a time and bought more for later. You could also buy containers of the relish.

Anyone have a good recipe for a garlic relish?

You can see a picture here:

I tracked down someone online on another forum who said the family might have a diner elsewhere, but I haven't been there to check it out, since I don't live in the area. If I found the family who had the recipe I'd most certainly want to make an offer to buy the recipe.

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