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Where to eat gluten-free in downtown Seattle?

Hi all -

I'm headed to a conference in Seattle at the end of November, but I'm gluten-intolerant, making eating out a much bigger challenge. I'll be staying downtown and won't have a car, so it needs to be within walking distance. As for GF requirements, I mean restaurants that don't ONLY have a salad as a GF option. I don't mind doing that once and awhile, but certainly not everyday at every meal. I'm hoping my hotel room will have a big enough fridge to allow me to have some items for breakfast, but I may still need some ideas for that as well as lunch and dinner. And I'm a mere veterinary clinical pathology resident, so I can maybe afford one or two more expensive meals, but would definitely prefer somewhat more inexpensive (or "reasonably priced") but good meals. My friend attending the conference with me is a vegetarian, as well. (boy, so much for Canadians being easy-going people!) I'm staying at the Sheraton Seattle, and my conference is at the big conference center downtown. Thanks in advance for the help!

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