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How did you do up your Thanksgiving leftovers?

I'm not so good with leftovers. I have a crappy fridge that I don't always trust and a slight aversion to leftovers (prep school teacher much--being fed all the time?).

But I EXCELLED this year in this department. We had two 14 pound turkeys for 6 people. Yup, ridiculous. So this is what we did for leftovers:

1. Next morning I had another full plate of food..regular style.
2. Yummy sandwiches on a hike.
3. Husband made turkey potato pancakes.
4. Red turkey spicy chili.
5. Turkey salad-Bigman style.
6. And the best of the best Turkey Pot Pie.

I must admit the dog eats the dark meat but he's terribly thin so all is forgiven....and now it is ALL GONE! Success!

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