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Need a great kitchen scale, suggestions? Details in message


I bake and decorate cakes and my old scale just isn't cutting it. The old one auto shuts off after 1 minute so if I'm not paying attention I lose my weight. It only weighs up to 5 lbs so with my SS mixing bowl and double batch of batter it won't handle it.

I would like the new scale to include:
11+ lb weight limit, preferably 15-17 lbs.
No auto shut off or option or at least 3-5 minutes
Pounds and oz, kg and grams, fluid oz and dry oz measurement options
$40 or less

Am I asking for to much?! If you have any experiences or can suggest a certain model? I know I may not beable to find exactly what I want so if you have one with some/most of my needs I'd love to hear about it! I'm looking at this one but it doesnt have fluid and dry oz measurements

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