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Surprisingly Impressed

Chalk it up to a random craving while in the grocery store, but a couple of nights ago I was wandering through the local store and spotted a display of Hostess products.

Now, I never grew up with these, as my mother was always baking and teaching me, so we never really ate "store-bought" goodies. I sometimes got some, like Soft Batch and Fudge Grahams, when visiting my grandparents on the farm, but that was rare.

I remember once having a Twinkie back when I was a kid, after pestering my mother for months about being able to try one, since all of my friends ate them at lunch every day, while I was relegated to the school hot lunch (gag!). When I ate it, I realized that my mother's baking was a lot better than that bland, pale Twinkie.

I have had a few over the years since then, always really quite disappointed. No flavor. Mushy or dry, depending. Stale-tasting for sure.

But last night, when I broke into the package, I was exposed to a rather pleasant not-quite-vanilla-but-close scent. Biting in them, I was actually impressed. I liked them. okay, they weren't life-changing or anything that I need to gorge on everyday, but I actually liked them.

So, have any of you tried any of the "New Hostess" treats? What do you think of them? Are they better than what you remember?

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