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A Cookie a Day: Hello Dolly Bars

For a cookie so simple, Hello Dolly bars go by many names—it's just as likely that you know them as Magic Cookies or Seven Layer Bars. But no matter their moniker, these are a special breed of cookie-bar hybrids. The kind that leave you sticky-fingered, crumb-dusted, totally stuffed, and yet, against all logic, still wanting more. No, not one more. A LOT more. More

A Cookie a Day: Oatmeal Creme Pies

It's likely that the true nature of Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies will elude me until my dying day. And I'm totally okay with that. I don't really want to know what all those long words on the back of the package actually mean. What I do want is a way to eliminate them entirely. A homemade Oatmeal Creme Pie just as soft and delicate, sweet and chewy as the original. More

A Cookie a Day: Rugelach

So long dry, powdery cookie and anemic layer of sticky, congealed jam. And hello real rugelach. The irresistible little crescent-rolled, sugar-encrusted packages of tart-sweet jam and rich, satiny swaths of dark chocolate. The rugelach that's crisp and flaky on the outside; and moist, tender, and chewy on the inside. Yeah, that's wassup. More

All the Recipes You Need for a Killer Thanksgiving Dinner

It's officially Thanksgiving crunch time. Deep breaths, no need to panic. We've got you covered with menus, planning tips, and shopping lists; taste tests of Thanksgiving supermarket staples; and plenty of features to peruse while the turkey's in the oven. But most of all, what we've got in true over-the-top, Thanksgiving style are recipes. Turkeys smoked, roasted, and cooked sous-vide; side dishes of all stripes; dozens of pies, cookies and cakes. More

Beyond Turkey: The Migration of Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is, if anything, an immigrant's holiday; a story of the bridging of new world and old. So it's fitting that, like people, Thanksgiving traditions themselves continue to migrate and evolve. We spoke to first- and second-generation immigrants in the food industry about how the cuisines of their ancestral homes have influenced the Thanksgiving meals they make here in the US. Here's what they had to say. More

A Totally Cheesy, Meaty, Over-the-Top Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving isn't exactly about the small things in life; it's about the big, corny stuff—family, friendship, gratitude, community...and food. Blissfully disgusting amounts of food. And, as with most bad decisions, I've always believed that if you're gonna overeat to the point of extreme physical discomfort, you might as well commit. More

A Traditional Thanksgiving Menu to Feed a Crowd

Thanksgiving in my family isn't exactly predictable, but there's one thing that's guaranteed, no matter where I am or who I'm with: there will be turkey, there will be stuffing, there will be cranberry sauce, gravy, potatoes, and pie. These aren't really dishes we eat year-round (or, in my case, on virtually any day other than Thanksgiving), so striking that balance of familiar and delicious is paramount. Here's how to do it right. More

The Ultimate Mister Softee Secret Menu

What if Mister Softee could be more than good. What if it could be amazing? What if we all took a collective breath and realized that at the end of the day, ice cream trucks are basically severely underutilized mobile sundae stations? A Dr. Seussian explosion of genius is what. I'm talking sprinkle-packed cones, double-dipped swirls, milkshakes with real banana, and the biggest tower of soft serve your greedy eyes have ever beheld. More

Spiced Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Acorn Squash Latkes

I'm not familiar with the range of egg substitutes out there, unfortunately. I'll do a little digging and, in the meantime, if you find a good solution, do let me know!

15 Vegetarian Mains for Your Holiday Table

@punkin712, the recipe is vegetarian if you omit the anchovies, as noted in the text. Sorry for any confusion.

15 Vegetarian Mains for Your Holiday Table

@deliciouspineapple101, you're right. So sorry about that! The language has been adjusted.

Meet Smørrebrød, the Best Sandwich You're Not Eating

In the meantime, you can substitute with a dark, whole-grain rye bread (ideally with seeds)

Meet Smørrebrød, the Best Sandwich You're Not Eating

@Cassandra Jane, it's on our agenda!

Entertaining Made Easy: Store-Bought Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres We Love

We tried a really wide variety of brands...it was completely by chance that the ones we liked best came from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Nobody knew brands while tasting, so there's not a great way to tweak these results.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

@michelles, @tocino, @tunatic for what it's worth, we did pay a visit to Steve's Prince of Steaks. I though it was alright—probably pretty decent drunk food—but not nearly as delicious as the ones that made our list.

A Cookie a Day: Rugelach

@vonmoishe, thanks for catching! @eilonwy, traditional rugelach is rolled into crescent-shaped pastries that more closely resemble croissants. The log ones are definitely more common, though, at least in the US.

A Traditional Thanksgiving Menu to Feed a Crowd

@pattyk, we were having a site-wide problem with recipe links earlier, but everything should be back up and running now. Sorry about that!

So Long, Turkey: The Ultimate Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

@3angelsfaces, glad you enjoyed! If you stay tuned this week, we actually have a 100% vegan Thanksgiving menu coming out on Wednesday.

A Traditional Thanksgiving Menu to Feed a Crowd

Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.

Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies With Raspberry Jam

@K Maria, just so I'm clear, was the dough firm and quite cold throughout the entire process? It really can't be allowed to warm up at all. That's why I suggested refrigerating for 15-20 minutes anytime the dough starts to get soft or mushy, and to work in 2 batches. Unless it's really well-cooled during construction and before going into the oven, you're going to get that pancake effect.

Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies With Raspberry Jam

@K Maria really sorry to hear that. I'm going to look into the problem, since I tested it multiple times and was able to consistently get the results pictured above.

Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies With Raspberry Jam

@FertileCroissant, you have to roll them pretty narrow or else they'll be quite wide. A 1-inch strip should do the trick, though...I haven't had much trouble with the dough breaking and falling apart, but keeping it cold is definitely key. You can email me with more specifics about issues you encountered and I can try to troubleshoot...niki [at] seriouseats.com.

Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies With Raspberry Jam

@fwilger, yes, that would certainly work. I didn't have trouble controlling it with a spoon, but if you're worried that sounds like a good solution.

How to Make Halloween Witch Finger Cookies That Actually Bleed

Glad you guys are into it! @pomme, I wouldn't recommend adding anything hot to the dough—you really want to keep it cold. I did stir up the jam a bit, though, to make it easier to spread.

Derby Cookies From 'Baked Occasions'

Sorry folks, there was a glitch. It's all set now.

Manner Matters: How to Deal With Lateness

Agreed! Your friend can't have it both ways—and I'm speaking as a frequently late-ish person myself, with a lot of frequently late-ish friends—if you can't make it on time, it should be an automatic expectation that you'll be missing out on some of the fun/food/drink etc.

The Smokin' Pumpkin

@trashcan79, you're totally right. I adjusted the phrasing for accuracy, thanks for noting!

White IPA

@ESNY1077 hahaha amazing. (a) yes, obviously, is there any other way? (b) 5 minutes is our standard lowest recipe time. It actually takes maybe 30 seconds?

16 Quick Stir-Fries to Liven Up Your Dinner Routine

@annnie, sorry about that -- looks like some edits didn't save! All fixed now :)

Simplify Dessert With This Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Bundt Cake

@Copperkettle218, this column has been on the site for years -- 1 gluten-free recipe, once a week.

25 Sandwich Recipes We Love

Thanks for catching that! All fixed now.

Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking Awesome Bread

@badseed1980, stay tuned, we'll definitely be addressing that!

The Ultimate Mister Softee Secret Menu

@Tee Fred, love it! I'm definitely going to try that one this weekend.

Oh, and @vicky those photos are wa-wa-wa SICK

Brooklyn on Parade at New York City Wine and Food Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard

Skylight One Hanson was brimming with some serious borough pride this weekend at New York Food and Wine Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard event. 28 local chefs turned out to deliver signature bites to the hungry crowd, serving up everything from spicy lemongrass chicken larb to fudgy ice cream sandwiches. Here's our look at some choice bites from the night,=. More

Lobster Roll Rumble: 19 Lobster Rolls We Ate Last Night

If you're a lobster, you should be pretty nervous around this time of year when TastingTable throws its annual Lobster Roll Rumble. Many pounds of lobster were consumed last night—boatloads, in fact, and that really isn't an exaggeration in this case. Lobster shacks and restaurants from across the country participated to show off their versions of the lobster roll. See all 19 that we ate! More